Part of the very successful School Day at Yreka

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  • July 4-6 - RACW Graeagle Event, Graeagle, CA

  • July 19-20 - CHAS Duncan Mills, CA

  • July 26-27 - CCWA Moore Park, Klamath Falls, OR

  • August 30-September 1 - NCWC Ft. Stevens, OR

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 Graeagle 2014 

Join us for this favorite event up in the mountains of northern California.

Friday - setup, public dance in Blairsden

Saturday, July 5

9:00 - Camps open
11:00 - 1st battle
3:00 - 2nd battle
6:00 - 3rd battle
Evening fireworks display

Sunday, July 6

9:00 - Camps open
10:00 - Sunday battle
1:00 - Parade

 Fight at the Hog Farm - After action report 

Yreka Civil War Days proved to be an excellent event. Capt. Joseph Allison of the 8th Alabama Emerald Guard is to be congratulated. Make a point of thanking him personally.


Confederate defenders behind the excellent defences built for the event.

breast works

Another of the defensive works Capt. Allison had built for the event.


Rhonda Gubetta of the Scott Valley Bank, a strong supporter of the event, receives artillery instruction from Capt. Ken Janson of Hurt's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery.

in camp

In camp with the 8th Alabama, the Emerald Guard, whose members did yeoman work to help make the event happen

An Original 8th Alabama Infantry Court Martial Document

-- Submitted by Seamus O'Cooney
Private George Mormon of Company C 8th Alabama Regiment was found Guilty of Desertion at the Battle of Seven Pines on June 1st 1862. Mormon reportedly left the line of battle without permission, and was subsequently taken prisoner by Federal forces on the 2nd of June, 1862.

He was freed in a prisoner exchange two months later, August 15, 1862, returned to Mobile Alabama, and then re-enlisted under an assumed name in the Confederate Marine Corps


He was arrested on the 10th of January, 1863 by a Lieutenant of Company H 8th Alabama, then tried by court martial, found guilty, and sentenced to "be shot to death with musketry”.
After a review of the case by the Confederate Secretary of War and by President Jefferson Davis, George Mormon’s death sentence was remitted by President Davis, based upon the recommendations of the members of his original regiment, and assurances by fellow soldiers of the 8th Alabama that he would reform his character. Mormon was ordered by Davis to be returned to his original regiment, the 8th Alabama, June 9, 1863.

 Letters of Intent to Stand for RACW Offices: 


Letter of Intent to Run for RACW President                                             May 14, 2014

 Dear RACW Members
This year is my twelfth with the RACW.  It has been a wonderful twelve years of reenacting for me.  The last year I have had the honor of being your RACW  President.  After much thought, I would accept the nomination for the 2015 RACW President.
I feel that the RACW has reached a point where it now flourishing.  A successful future for this organization lies in a strong Board of Directors and a strong Membership.  If elected as RACW President, I will focus all of my efforts to make the RACW a safe, fun and very successful organization. With your support and efforts we will flourish and prosper.
Thank you
Craig Poundstone


Letter of Intent
Reenactors of the American Civil War
May 10th, 2014
To whom it may concern:
Please consider this letter as my formal announcement that I intend to run for the Office of Vice President of the RACW for the respective 2013-2014 season.
Relevant professional history includes three years of high-level event coordinating, business and office management on a pecuniary level, experience as an executive staff member on three academic club boards, contract writing for independent entities and specialists, and group leadership capabilities. 
Please see attached resume for details.  It is my desire as both a historian and a living history representative to represent our national history to the public with reverence and excellence. 
Elizabeth Fannin




Please enter my name into the public record as a candidate for Education Representative for the RACW! Huzzah!!! And also, de facto club poster designer!
Maybe this year we can all learn something!

Rick Barram


I Tricia Smith would like to run for Public Relations Director of the RACW. Thank you
Looking Forward to Serving With You

Trish Smith

 Artillery Thoughts: 

by Major Don La Porta    
"Team work" is the corner stone of artillery in our hobby.  The quick pace of this years reenactment season has put stress on everyone in the hobby.  Events close together combined with long drives put all in the hobby under pressure to perform.  Artillery units are close teams that work together and have to depend on each other to do the tasks set out for us.  This year has been a very fine example of team work within the artillery units both Union and Confederate.  Members have been filling in units size and crewing and working very well together.  Yreka was an example of team work.  For the school day members of the Union and CSA manned cannon to do school presentations.  A LARGE THANKS goes to the men of the 8th Alabama Confederate unit.  When cannons had to be moved long distances, they were quickly there and willing to help.  The Confederate cannon had to be removed and replaced on its trailer without a winch.  This is a very heavy task and has some danger if done improperly.  They were there to do the heavy work!  Thanks again from your friends in artillery!
Seeing everyone work together this season so very well at events has been very pleasant for artillery units.  We hope that the other issues that sometimes "cloud" our hobby will go as well as things go at events.  Hats off to all and lets try and keep this spirit of cooperation going in the RACW and our hobby.  

 Open letter to RACW members: 

-- Lt. Norman S. Hewitt

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Re-enactors of the RACW, 

I have a question I would like you to consider. 

Is it unreasonable to ask for equivalent compensation of black powder expenses comparable to what our Artillery currently receives?  

If we all are partners in our creation of this Grand Illusion of the Civil War, …and we are;  then shouldn’t we all share in those proceeds, and shouldn’t they be available to all RACW club members?  The long standing 100% black powder reimbursement policy for Artillery expenses was questioned at a recent Board of Directors meeting.  This policy essentially reduced the thousands of anticipated dollars from Hawes Ranch, to just a little over $300.   Out of $5000 dollars received from that event, over $3000 dollars was paid for black powder, and Not just to our club alone, but for all visiting cannon as well. Gate admission fees are charged the general public to cover the expenses created by each event.  Some of these expenses are considered essential, or “dedicated expenses“, such as insurance, and port-o-potties, etc.  This club is unique in it’s black powder policy.  No other reenacting club in the United States pays 100% of powder expenses like us.  Most other clubs pay a lot less if anything at all.  Please keep in mind the Gate usually produces a small dollar balance at the end of each event which can only be stretched so far.  Cannon are a huge crowd pleaser, however; how could we have an event with just cannons and no Infantry, Cavalry or Civilians? I have recently requested The RACW Board of Directors to provide a similar reimbursement of expenses to the other partners in this all volunteer club.  Namely the Infantry, Cavalry, and Civilian Corps.  

 I urge you to consider the following. 
The Infantry uses as much black powder at an event as the Artillery, with the over all costs being more in some cases.  For example, a 3 inch Ordnance Rifle may fire 6 ozs. of black powder, but it only takes about 10 Infantrymen to equal the black powder cost of that one cannon per battle with the Infantry receiving no reimbursement.
Although the initial cost of an Artillery piece is a huge expenditure, this should not over shadow the larger number of individuals who make up the balance of this club with their combined expenditures.
Other club members, namely those of the Infantry, Cavalry and Civilian Corps. have borne their own individual costs without compensation from the club for many years.  However, for equally as many years, every Artillerists’ black powder expense has been paid indirectly by you and me through this clubs’ black powder reimbursement policy.
The model 1857, 12 pounder Bronze Napoleon is a beauty, but there is a big dollar sign attached to it.  One 24 oz. round for the Napoleon is equivalent to four 6 oz. rounds of a 3in. Ordnance Rifle.  In other words, to fire this gun once means giving up four shots from a 3” inch cannon, resulting in a much greater cost for black powder at the end of the day.

The question remains:  Should this club reimburse equally all members with a dollar amount from the proceeds of the gate , or will you and I be obligated to continue paying our own black powder expenses plus that of the Artillery too?  To say it another way; should the proceeds from the Gate, after “dedicated expenses”, be more evenly divided with the entire club rather than just a few. 

At the last Board of Directors meeting of May 10, 2014, I respectfully requested an equitable solution to this issue.  This question is important and should not be taken lightly as the BoD has wisely continued discussion to its’ next meeting.  Ultimately I believe the end result should be discussed and decided by the general membership, as this question affects the entire club.  I’ve expressed my opinions,  what do you think?  You can contact me, or better yet, let your elected Board members know what you think.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this matter and please e-mail me with any comments or questions you may have.

2nd Lt. Norman S. Hewitt
9th Regt. Invalid Corps.

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