Non-Combatant Corps

The "Home Front" was not just a term, but a movement that affected the direction of the country and the outcome of the American Civil War.  It is the everyday part of history that can get lost in the dates and data of armies, generals and battles.

Civilian roles are the ideal format for portraying the vitally important social, political and economic issues surrounding and creating the American Civil War.  Our roles give depth to our visitors' understanding of this period in history.  The battles are long over, but the changes wrought on American society effect us to the present day.

The traditional roles of men and women were changed by these circumstances.  In this war upon American soil, citizens had to flee their homes, becoming refugees living a tenuous existence.   Rampant inflation made purchasing the basics difficult for many families.  While armies of civilians worked tirelessly to support their respective causes and soldiers, others sought to end the war at any cost.  Some saw the chance to make money off the enterprise.

Our portrayals create a more balanced and thorough picture of the times for event visitors.  Military re-enactors teach how we fought the Civil War; civilian re-enactors teach why we fought the war.  

Get to know our civilian members by exploring our unit pages.  If you are interested in learning how to get involved in this noble pastime, contact our Non-Combatant Corps Representative Nancy Duncan.  She will be happy to answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate unit contacts.

Non-Combatant Corps Staff

Non-Combatant Corps Representative  
New Re-enactor Liaison Katherine Dubke
Education Representative TBA
Provost Officer / Safety Officer TBA
Tea Hostess Joan Rhinemann
Southern Refugees Coordinator TBA
Township Coordinator TBA
United States Sanitary Commission Coordinator TBA
United States Christian Commission TBA

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