The Reenactors of the American Civil War, Inc.
is pleased to announce its 1st annual

History Camp

for Teachers of the American Civil War

History teachers in northern California will attend a weekend‘full immersion’ in the life of a civil war soldier. They will spend at least one night in a civil war tent camp, be issued uniforms, .58 CAL muskets, attend classes on uniforms, weapons, cannons,  infantry drilling, cavalry, camp life, food, medicine, civilian life, causes/effects of the War Between the States, and culminate in a mock skirmish firing weapons to attack an enemy formation and full scale cannon.  For one weekend, the participant will ‘be a civil war soldier’ in either the Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate States of American) or the Army of the Potomac (United States of America).

Teachers will leave the event with a much fuller understanding of the ‘war of rebellion’ and a greatly increased ability to present accurate and first person lessons to their students back at their home school. The only expense to the student/attendee will be their own transportation costs to the site and a nominal fee (anticipated to be about $40 - $75). Uniforms, rifles, equipment, tents, food and training will be provided by the command staff.

The camp will be taught by experienced Civil War reenactors who will provide direct supervision and safety of all attending. The Re-enactors of the American Civil War, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit charitable organization that has been presenting civil war reenactments to the public and local schools in northern California for the past 20 years. All supervising reenactor cadre are carefully screened for their extensive experience and knowledge of the life of civil war soldiers.

If this event sounds like something you or any other history teacher in your school district would be interested in attending, or you would like more information, please contact us. Due to an expected large interest in attending we will have to limit attendees, so please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. More information and application forms will be posted to our web site ( within the next few days.

What to expect.

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Re-enactors of the American Civil War, Inc.
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