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WANTED: I'm looking for a pair of black brogans size 10 through 11 that are in good condition. And I also in need of a black cartridge box  in good condition too. 

Contact: John Bohatch
phone: 530-227-6898

Nevins Books

Allen Nevins' 8 volume landmark history, virtually new:

This extraordinary set gives perspectives on the 1850s and 1860s that are essential to understanding the history of the period. These books are now out of print and not so easy to come by as a set. I have recently inherited this set, but as I already own my own copies, I wish to pass it on to someone who cares about the history of the Civl War. $120 Contact


Muskets for Sale;



Like New 1863 Springfield / Includes Bayonet & Scabbard (Very
Clean) $ 695.00 ( pictures available just email me)

Like New 1853 Enfield / Includes New Sling , New Musket Sack ,
New Bayonet & Scabbard $ 700.00 (pictures available just email me)

(209) 840-4900

Barram Boxes
Call Rick Barram (530) 527-8590

My name is Gracie and years ago I use to reenact with the NCWA and the ACWA primarily with some RACW events thrown in. My main impression was a upper class towns lady from the south, but I also portrayed a southern refugee as well I did a lot of living history presentations of a "lady in mourning".

The reason why I am writing to you is I have not reenacted in years and I still have all my dresses (many different styles from camp dresses to ball gowns), lil girls reenactment items as well, plus hats, shoes, jewelry, parasols, mourning items, etc. They have all been stored correctly and in a non smoking home and at this time I have decided to start selling off these items. There are so many to mention and they are all being stored here at my house that right now I do not have pictures, but if you know anyone who my be interested in any of the items I would be happy to discuss what I have in more detail and send pictures at that time.
Gracie Buser
(775) 401-1899
Battle Mountain, Nevada