Reenacting Organizations

American Civil War Association, ACWA

[central & northern California]; a reenacting organization that recreates the most trying period in our nation’s history.

Battle Born Civil War Reenactors, BBCWR

[wester Nevada] an association consisting of individuals and families dedicated to encouraging family oriented fun and participation in Civil War Reenacting while also educating and sharing history with our fellow citizens.

Comstock Civil War Reenactors, CCWR

[western Nevada]; a private, non-profit, educational organization that uses Living History as a means of helping the public gain a better understanding of the American Civil War.

Cascade Civil War Society, CCWS

[southern Oregon]; a non-profit educational and living history organization.

California Historical Artillery Society, CHAS

[central California]; reaches out and captivates audiences around the nation with it's horse drawn Artillery Detachments.

National Civil War Association, NCWA

[central California]; a reenacting organization.

Nevada Civil War Volunteers

[Northern Nevada]; a non-profit, educational, American Civil War reenactment organization.

Northwest Civil War Council, NCWC

[Oregon]; a non-profit reenacting organization made up of people who share a strong interest in the American Civil War.

Other Organizations


Sons of Confederate Veterans, SCV
Lt. Dixon-CSS Hunley Camp 2016

[western Nevada]; a non-profit group of historically connected patriotic Americans who trace our ancestry to men who fought in Confederate Service during the war of 1861-1865.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
SUVCW Camp 26

Sec/Tres -
1352 Pinon Street
Anderson, CA 96007-4038
(530) 365-7280